About Judi Merriam

Judi Merriam loves her roles as wife, mother, singer, actor,
director, speaker, and writer. When these vocations allow her
free time, she can be found hiking, swimming, sewing, reading,
or watching British murder mysteries. Her favorite people on
earth are her husband, Brian, and her two living children, Tyler
and Kalina. Judi makes her home in the historic Mohawk River
Valley located between her beloved Adirondack Mountains
and New York City. She sings and speaks at various churches
and community organizations throughout Upstate New York
and has played an extensive number of leading roles, as well as
directed, for musical theater companies across the same area.
Judi is continuously grateful for the sustaining grace of God as
she walks through the messiness of life in this broken world.
It is her heart’s desire to shine a light of hope into the lives of
those who grieve, especially parents who have lost children to

Endorsed speaker for Stonecroft Ministries.